Cody Hadsall

Web Developer – Graphic Designer – Artist

Professional Portfolio

I have been developing websites and applications over the past 15 years.  I specialize in front end web design, but also create custom airbrush artwork, custom embroidery, vinyl signs, and graphic design.  Everything that I do seems to allow myself to express my creativity.  I enjoy being able to do what I love for a living, and not just a hobby.

Just recently, I have been working on a couple of apps that will be launched sometime next year. The first one is a deer tracking application where users can record various aspects of their hunt. Primarily focused on Whitetail Deer, it will also feature other large North American game such as elk, mule deer, blacktail deer, and black bear. You will be able to track the weather, get current location/map, record coordinates of any sightings, as well as many other important factors about the hunt.

My second app is a fairly simple time tracking application in which you can record all information from a call or project, start/stop times, research time, etc. to a manageable center location for your team to view/edit/print. Very helpful on keeping track of every minute and detail when billing for a project. Users are also able to collaborate on projects and managed users can add/delete people as well as assign certain tasks/projects to people.