I am a professional, creative, and innovative web designer that has been building and creating dynamic, fully functional websites and applications over the past 15 years. With the ability to read and write clean, standards-compliant code, I stay one step ahead of the competition with my cutting edge designs and an in-depth knowledge of the most recent web standards. I push the envelope and have a strong passion for web development. I specialize in user interaction/user experience with a strong background in graphic design and a great attention to detail. I am creative, driven, and professional and can work well alone or in a team setting.


Skills Include

Design and Accessibility Wire-Framing User Centered Design UI/UX/Usability
Cross-Browser Compatibility Prototyping Graphic Design W3C Web Standards
Devising Online Marketing Strategies Usability Testing Strong Attention to Detail Good Time Management
In-Depth Knowledge of Modern Web Practices Content Management Systems Excellent Code Quality Superb Problem Solving Skills
Well Thought Out Approach to Difficult Problems Adapts Well to Environment Team-Oriented Social Media Strategies



HTML5 CSS3 SASS Javascript Ajax
PHP Node.js Angular.js JQuery JSON
Knockout.js ASP.NET Hubspot API Quickbooks API HTML5 API’s
Mobile Development Responsive Design Cross-Platform Development Cross-Browser Compatability Chrome Development Tools
Wireframes Mock-Ups Prototypes Design/Branding Search Engine Optimization


Photoshop Illustrator Dreamweaver Adobe Creative Suite
UltraFlex 8.5 Brackets Microsoft Office MySQL

Database / DBMS

MySQL SQL Version Control : GitHub

Content Management Systems

WordPress Joomla Drupal

Production Environment


Currently Learning

C# Ruby


CCI Design Works
Lead Web Developer – Various Clients (April 2002 – Current)

Design, develop, and implement custom web sites for professional and small business use with cutting edge web authoring, digital imaging, graphics, and animation tools, as well as hand-coded HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery. Wire-frames, sketches, mock-ups, user interaction/experience, navigation design and prototypes, social media integration, blogs, databases, and more. Use PhP with MySQL to create and edit databases. Complete eye-catching designs in a timely manner. Involved in design discussions and user experience sessions to provide inputs on the layout and UX.

Responsible for developing websites that give users a seamless and rich Internet experience, and for being the first point of contact for end users if they have any queries or technical problems. Create eye-catching and functional digital design concepts across various platforms. Advise customers and clients on the limitations of systems and website functionality. Make suggestions for improvements in technology, content and user interaction. Testing a website before it goes live to help identify and debug any problems. Design and determine the visual layout of a website while meeting the customers’ needs. Changing the code, software, or graphics of existing websites to optimize performance.

Provide UI/UX design expertise through the entire development process, including concept definition, requirements gathering, prototyping, development, and testing.

Produce mock-ups, wire-frames, and rapid prototypes that translate customer and/or business needs into an accessible and engaging user experience.

Conceptualize, design, develop, and implement the look and feel of web pages that are visually pleasing, and meet established design standards for clients.

Provide clients with a specific marketing strategy that increases visibility and generates more revenue, while staying within the budget and projected time frame.


KG Moats & Sons –
Complete website design for an electronic controls business in northeast Kansas. Site included the use of html, css, javascript, and jquery. Site features description and list of all services, site navigation, logo design, and an interactive map.

Vanderbilt’s Work Boots –
I was asked to help design and implement the navigation system, image optimization/editing, and an email sign-up form. Image slicing, html, css, javascript, jquery, as well as media queries were all used.

Pearl Real Estate –
Complete website design and construction using html, css, javascript, and jquery. Occasional updates are made to the site as well. All images had to be edited to optimize performance for the web. Site also includes a contact form as well as a gallery type listings page.

Cody’s Customs –
I designed this site from the ground up utilizing html, css, javascript, jquery, mysql, and php. I created all of the site navigation as well as all image editing and logo design. Site includes contact forms, weekly / monthly specials as well as drawings, a blog, and a page to get a quote for services. I also took care of the company’s social media including Twitter and Facebook. I created and implemented weekly/monthly specials as well as had drawings for special occasions.

R-Tech Tool & Machine –
I designed and implemented the use of the logo for the business as well as assisted other developers in the creation of the website through the use of html, css, javascript, and jquery. I created the navigation system that is in use on the site as well as the main contact form.

St. Mary’s Farmers Union COOP –
First website ever built. Designed and developed it using nothing more than html over 15 years ago. The business has changed hands since then, and the website has changed, but this was where I got my start. Back then, websites were very simple, putting the necessary information in front of the end user along with some images and logo design.

OTHER PROJECTS – Complete website design – Implemented new navigation throughout the site – Complete website design – Complete website design


“I have a strong passion for web development and design and love the feeling of accomplishment when a job is complete. I use my passion for web development to fuel my fire to succeed. The greatest part of this job are the customers. Without them, none of this would be possible.”

I grew up on the farm and understand the importance of hard work, honesty, friends, and family. I have always wanted to help people succeed in life while traveling down my own path. I love the outdoors, I have a strong mechanical background, and most important of all, I love my family. I used to race at the local dirt track, I play golf on a regular basis, and always push myself to be a better person and offer the world everything I can.

Favorite Reads

Digital InspirationA List ApartStu NicholsMashableStack OverflowDailyJSWebAppers


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